Mongoose Retro

A new take on an old favorite, the Mongoose Retro combines simplicity with a touch of class. Showing that it is meant to be played, this guitar can be configured for a wide range of tones without "losing it" at the upper or lower positions. The available finishes can give the Mongoose Retro a vintage or more modern look.



BODY: Alder with swamp ash top, semi-hollow
Optional: Swamp ash, mahogany, maple top

NECK: Quartersawn maple with Indian rosewood or maple fretboard
Optional: Mahogany neck, birdseye maple neck and fretboard

Single Ply - Parchment, white, black
Multilayer - Black, parchment, black pearl, tortoiseshell, white pearl, white, aged white pearl, mint green

PICKUPS: Tyler mini humbucker in the neck, "t" style single coil mounted in a "t" style bridge plate with 3 compensated saddles
Optional: 2 virtual vintages, 2 classic stacks

CONTROL SYSTEM: Body mounted volume and tone controls
Optional: Midboost preamp, midboost preset, midboost bypass, humbucker split, push/pull pot

BRIDGE: "T" style bridge plate with 3 compensated saddles
Optional: 6-saddle, 2-post tremolo

Optional: Black, gold

TUNERS: Locking Hipshot
Optional: Non-locking Kluson